Sister's Retreat

This year I am hosting my annual Sister's Retreat. When it is my turn to plan the SR weekend I try to have a variety of things for us gals to do. I don't exactly live in a (ahem) metropolitan area so it will only take an afternoon to shop at our one and only mall. I thought to throw in a little excitement, we'll make a craft. I went to a jewelry show years ago and the hostess was displaying her wares on a frame like this. I thought I would see If I could make one. It is so easy to do and a craft you won't feel ashamed to hang in your bedroom. All you need is a cheap frame. I got this one at Wally's but I have also seen them at the dollar store for...a buck! You also need some screen (like to fix a screen door) also at Wally's, a staple gun or glue gun and some masking tape; oh and you need some earrings to hang.

Remove the back from the frame. Notice the mat left around the edge...this is good to keep on so you can staple the wire to the mat.

Place a cut piece of screen on the back of the frame opening. Staple the screen to the mat. Use plenty of staples to keep the screen in place. Then use Masking Tape to tape the screen down. That's it! Now put it on an easel or hang it on some pretty gold nails in your closet.



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  1. I can't wait to make these at our annual sister's retreat! See ya soon, sis!

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