Thanksgiving Table

I loved my Thanksgiving table. Our little family stayed home this year and shared Thanksgiving with our neighbor. I wanted to make our table look like we were celebrating a special occasion. I didn't want to stick with the usual fall colors so I looked around my house to see what I could put on the table. Some white and silver gourds, silver pear candles, silver apple place card holders, and silver chargers and white plates worked but it lacked color. So....while I was minding my own business at Walmart I passed the fabric section. They had bolts of fabric for 5 bucks! BOLTS! I picked up this great green fabric and used it as a runner. Then I picked the last of the herbs in my garden and put them in little vases with silver ribbon. I thought the table turned out pretty nice. Onward to Christmas! Stay tuned for some great recipes.




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  1. It's gorgeous! You're so talented. Hope you had a lovely dinner. -Janette

    I love your comments. Thanks!

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