Homemade Play Dough

My mantra each day is "I'm not Martha Stewart". I have to tell myself that because I think I wish I was. In reality she has a team of people that come up with and execute "her" ideas. I am just me with simple ideas. So, when I decided to make play dough for my son's pre-school Christmas party, I actually thought Martha would have been proud of me. It was easy to make and the kids loved it (although they all mixed the colors and ended up with an interesting brown color). Try it the next time your kids are bored. They will think you are amazing.

Cooked Play Dough (I doubled the recipe for each color)
*Ashli B.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water (add food coloring to the water before you add it to mixture)
1 Tbs. oil
1 Tbs. cream of tartar or alum

In a saucepan, mix all ingredients. Cook over medium heat until mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan. Knead at least 5 times or until play dough consistency. Keep in airtight container.
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