Valentines Day Treat Bags

I love Valentines Day. It is such a fun day to show everyone how much you love them. I love to give little gifts to my kids, siblings, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers you name it. As I was doing a little research I came across this blog and thought I'd died. The treat bags were so cute I thought I'd make some. The Farm Chicks has all of the cute bag templates available to download FREE. Make them this Valentines Day and impress the ones you love.

All you need are the downloaded templates printed and cut, glue, or double-sided tape, candy and Pinking shears (optional).
Download and print the template here.

After printing the template, cut around the edges of the bag leaving the top uncut.

Fold the sides in using the bottom of the bag as a guide. Glue. Actually I used the double-sided scrapbook tabs (glue didn't work out for me).

Then following the guide, cut the top of the bag. Pinking shears makes it a little more fancy.

Fill the bags with candies, cookies, rice crispy squares, brownies etc. Using the FarmChicks bags makes your Valentines gift extra special.




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