Halloween Decor

 It is almost October 1.  I usually wait until then to put up my Halloween decor.  This year I couldn't wait.   I love fall...I think it is one of my favorite seasons.  Let's see how I decorated this year...

This ghost and spider are on my mantle with some fall foliage.
 I put this ghost and pumpkin on the side board in the dining room.
 I put this little guy is on the bookshelf on my landing.
 I love this mini Halloween picture.  I got it at Tai Pan the day it opened in Boise.  Hi Paisley.
 This little guy watches over our books too.  Maybe that's why he's so wise...I crack myself up.
I put these gourds and this crow on my mantle too. 
On the landing.
This guy crawled up our stairs and is starting to make a web.
Our porch.  I love the colored pumpkins in the sweet potato vines.
This is the raven... tapping at my chamber door.
On the entryway table we see a little critter that is looking for some dinner. 
Piano room has another raven and a Spooky sign.
At my kitchen sink.  That concludes my tour of Halloween decor.  Happy fall!




2 Response to "Halloween Decor"

  1. Jamie says:

    What a great site! Thanks for sharing it. It's nice to know where all the yummy treats come from :)

    Jennster says:

    dude, where did you get your corn stalks????? Love the spider and web, totally doing that!!

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