Spooky Halloween Spirits

The countdown to Halloween is on. Just two more days and kids will be trick-or-treating at your door. Before my kids go out I usually do a quick dinner of soup and salad so they can have something nutritious before overdosing on sugar. This year I'm making some really cool beverages for the little goblins. Try them...your kids will be SO impressed!

Your kids will wonder how you got a "ghost" in their glass. Perfect for breakfast on Halloween morning.
You'll need some chocolate syrup (add a little black food coloring if you have it on hand), a paintbrush, milk and a clean glass. Lay the glass flat with the opening facing you. Paint the eyes and mouth on the inside of the glass. Pour milk in the glass and serve immediately.

This next drink would be great at dinner.
Isn't this cool? It looks like blood dripping down a glass. It is really easy to make and very impressive.

You'll need corn syrup, red food coloring and a clean glass. Mix the food coloring with the corn syrup. Dip the edge of the glass in the mixture and tap of the excess. Then turn the glass upright and wa - la. Let set for a while and fill glass with any beverage.




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