Perfect Boiled Eggs

I need to boil eggs.  My kids are excited to dye eggs for Easter and I'm excited to eat them for breakfast.  I try to boil a dozen eggs at a time so I only have to boil them once every week or so.  I have finally perfected the boiled egg.  Join me on my journey, won't you?
 I'm boiling white eggs this time so the kids can dye them pretty colors.  Don't get my wrong.   I like the brown organic eggs too but this time we'll stick to a blank canvas.  

 Put your eggs in a pan and cover with one inch of water.  Gently set pan on your stove.

 Turn heat to high.
As soon as you hit a rolling boil,  
 turn the heat OFF.  Then put the lid on the pan and set your timer for 10 minutes.
 As soon as the timer rings, place eggs in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process.  Let them sit until the eggs are cool.
 Now to peel and eat your newly-boiled egg (yes there is a science to it) Tap the bottom (flatter side) of the egg on a hard surface.
 See the cracked part?  Peel off a dime-sized piece of the shell.
 It should look a little like this.
 Then roll the egg on a hard surface until the whole egg is cracked.  Speaking of cracked, look at my hands.  They totally need a little lotion and a manicure.  Hopefully they aren't so distracting that you can't focus on what I'm doing with my egg.
 Ew.  Look at the egg now.  Way cracked.  It will take forever to peel this egg now...right?
 Wrong!  Get a spoon out of your drawer or dishwasher or wherever and follow these steps:
 Remember that dime-sized opening?  Stick your spoon in it all the way.
 Like this.  Then slowly move the spoon around the egg to loosen the shell.
 You should be able to easily remove the shell to reveal a perfect boiled egg with no nicks or gashes taken out (which would have happened if you would have peeled it the old fashioned way).
Now slice your egg...Beautiful!  The yolk is perfectly cooked and a beautiful bright yellow color.  Now it's time to dye them!  Good luck and you're welcome!




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