Sandwich Alternative

My kids take their lunch to school every day. There is only so much a mother can put in her kid's lunch box. Sandwich, cold pizza, cheese and crackers, fruit...the list is pretty short. Add in the fact that I have two picky kids and the list is cut in half. Well, looky here. I have re-discovered the wrap. The great thing about the wrap is everyone can customize their wrap with what they like to eat. Throw one in your kid's lunchbox and they'll thank you! This is how I make mine...

I start with shmearing vegetable cream cheese on the wrap. This stuff is gold. It brings a great flavor to the wrap.

Pleas note: this is not enough vegetable cream cheese. I would have been happy with a little more...lesson learned.
I like a layer of shredded carrots,

provolone cheese, ham, turkey and green leaf lettuce.

Roll it up and cut it in half and you're ready to go. They are delicious. You can add or subtract ingredients as desired...maybe olives, tomatoes, spinach, swiss cheese, pickles, cucumbers, a shake of Oregano, salt, pepper, mustard. You get the idea. Enjoy!




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