I went to the grocery store yesterday. I loaded my cart with all of the necessities and then I found a few things that piqued my interest. Exhibit A:

When I saw these I knew I had to buy them. I was impressed with the size of these little gems. They taste just like the Hershey's kisses without the foil mess.

Look how yummy they are... they come in a few different flavors. I thought they would be really good with this:

Mmmm. Yep. I was right. A little s'more sandwich. And they are really good with this:

I found these individual peanut butter cups. I think I died and went to heaven when I discovered them. Exhibit B:

They are little individual servings of Jif which I have put in my kid's lunches with an apple or Ritz crackers...

I dip my apples in it...

spread it on bananas...

dip my celery in it...

and it's the perfect snack to leave for him when I'm gone for a few hours. I love the size and they are so easy to transport. What have you discovered at the grocery store lately?




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