When I look outside I see overcast/cloudy skies.  I see the wind blow and the sprinkles of rain on my windows.  I don't see blue skies or birds gathering twigs to make their new homes or people hanging out outside...it's too cold.  Did you know that March 21st was the first day of Spring?  I am ready for warmth and capris and flip flops.  How about flying kites and long walks?  Then it occurred to me...just because it doesn't look like Spring outside doesn't mean we can't celebrate it inside.  I went out to my garage and dusted of my box of Spring decor and got busy.  Take a look at what little things I did to make my house look a little more like Spring. 

This little guy is right by my reading chair.  The eggs in the nest are real (just blown out).  I love birds and nests.  They make me happy for Spring.

I added a little bird and boxwood topiaries on my mantle.

Do you see a bird theme going on here?  This is in my entryway.  Love the picture of the bird...
I got it this year at Marshall's.

By my kitchen sink.  I love pastels at springtime.  Plus I hide my chocolate stash in the bunny. Shhhh...
Egg shaped soaps in the half bath.

Little chicks on the hand towels.

This is the piano room...more birds and more nests.

This little guy is by a picture in our dining room.  

This guy is in our dining room too.  I loved the vintage look when I saw him and knew 
I had to bring him home. 

What are you doing to make your home look more like Spring?  




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  1. Birds scare me.

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