Easter Table Decor

My kids love crafting as much as I do.   When the opportunity presents itself, we gather in the kitchen and go crazy.  Because Easter is coming up, we always make string eggs. They are easy to do and look really cool hanging from the dining room light...or placed in an Easter basket.

Materials you need include:  egg-shaped balloons, string, school glue (Elmer's) and coordinating ribbon.

Mix equal parts white glue and water.  Stir well.
Put length of string in glue.  Use one continuous length of string dipping it in the glue mixture as you go.   

Wrap string around balloon in whatever pattern you choose.  

Let dry in egg cups or in glasses and let dry overnight. 

Once string is dry, pop the balloons and tie it with a ribbon.  

  We like to hang ours from our dining room light...or put them in an Easter basket for a festive centerpiece. 



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