Baby Shower part II

 Some of my readers had a few questions about the decor I used for my friend's baby shower.  The pictures I used are the same framed pictures all three of my kids had hanging on their wall when they were babies.  I bought an old Mother Goose book at Barnes and Noble and cut out my favorite 5 pictures.  Then I took them to a framing store and had them mounted in thick white frames.

I'm also going to let you in on a few little secrets.  #1 I love spray paint.  #2 I love Target's clearance aisles. Let me explain why. 

I made these cute little "porcelain" animals...
by buying little toy animals and a can of Ivory Satin spray paint.  I got these little guys on clearance at a craft store.  They were in a section one would go if they wanted to make a diorama. I bet they are at the dollar store too.
I sprayed the animals with my trusty spray paint about 5 times (I recommend purchasing a handle so your spraying finger doesn't get sore).  I like the sheen they had when they were dry.  I added ribbons and "party hats" on some of the animals so it looked like a celebration.

To make the cupcake/marshmallow stands you see here...
 and under the  blossoms here...I just bought a few shelves like these that were on clearance for a couple bucks.  You can use a block of wood or a sturdy corrugated box.  Then wrap them in white wrapping paper and wrap with a coordinating bow.  I found my ribbon in my ribbon scraps drawer.  The great thing about these display stands is that you can change them to match any color scheme. 
  Next to the dessert table I had a bowl with bags closed with clothespins ready to fill with treats to take home.  In the frame it reads, "Thank you for coming please take some sweets."



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  1. JT says:

    Target should pay you as their party/craft girl. Good ideas!

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