Lemonade For Sale

 My kids love having a lemonade stand.  I'm not quite sure why because the 2 hours and 4 quarters they earn doesn't seem to make the best use of their time (plus all of the time and energy that it takes to prepare for said lemonade stand).  Nevertheless, they love it and I love them so on we go to prepare for their big moment.  Last year we identified a reason they wanted to earn money.  My daughter was in a community choir and needed to earn the money for her performance outfit...Perfect.  All proceeds for the lemonade stand would go toward the cost of her dress (her wonderful brother agreed).  We made cookies like these, these and these and we made lemonade and had ice cold water too.  Instead of charging a quarter for lemonade and fifty cents for the cookies, we decided to give the lemonade and cookies away for free and accept donations for her choir fees.  Oh my word was it a hit!  In the two hours (from 3 -5 pm) they had their lemonade stand, my son and daughter made a grand total of $43.00! 

My youngest son was their first customer.  Notice the umbrella to give them and their customers shade.  Also, please note the garbage can, napkins, fresh flowers and lemons for decorations.  We wanted their lemonade stand to be visually appealing.
Look at the line!

These Sugar Cookie Bars were a huge hit!

We made sure the lemonade stayed cold in the hot sun.
We set up shop right by the Library Bookmobile...lots of foot traffic.

Excited entrepreneurs. 
After counting her hard-earned money.
Another great sight for everything regarding setting up a lemonade stand is found here and here.  So cute it almost makes me my kids want to have another one.



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  1. Janette says:

    You never do anything half-way!  With my luck I'd get fined for not having a business license.  Cute, cute!

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