Disney Cruise

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end.   We've just returned from our 7 day Disney Cruise.  We had a ball...let me explain why.

Every night, when we went to dinner, Alvito was at our table.  He took our order and made dining suggestions.  If we couldn't decide what we wanted that night, he would bring two entrees or desserts to try.  He kept us happy and well-fed.
This fine young man's name is Eddy.  He kept our glasses full and our table cleared.  He was such a nice guy. 
The first day on the ship I was amazed at how pretty the food was.  I didn't know what I expected... but it was a Disney Cruise with lots of kids, so I guess I thought there would be a lot of macaroni and cheese and corn dogs.  Don't get me wrong, they did have those dishes for the younger passengers.  For the older guests with mature palates they had gourmet food.  Delish!
 This was sitting at the breakfast buffet.  A nice way to greet the morning.
 My appetizer.  Yummy.  All of the dishes looked and tasted beautiful.
 In Cabo San Lucas we ordered chips, salsa and fresh guacamole.  Oh. My. Word.  The guacamole was so good a culinary masterpiece.  We ate every last morsel.  I'm totally craving the guac right now.  It was made fresh and had just the right parts of everything to make it muy delicioso.
This is a picture of two of my favorite things...a pineapple meringue and the midnight buffet. One of the chefs taught a series of classes called The Art of Entertaining. The first day he made an appetizer, the second day the entree and the last day he made dessert.  It was fun to watch Chef Corey in action.
The second thing I was happy to learn on our cruise, was that origami is alive and well on the Disney Cruise.  These Little Peter Pan hats were made out of dinner napkins by Eddy and Alvito.  The kids loved them.
Every night when we went to our stateroom, the towel was folded like a rabbit,
Puppy dog,
elephant, etc. 

While on the cruise we even took an origami class and made these flowers. I also learned the art of napkin and towel folding....loved it!

The cruise had something for everyone.  The Ports-of-Call were fantastic and the food and entertainment on the cruise were unbelievable. Now it's "back to life, back to reality"  I hope my family isn't expecting a gourmet meal tonight!)




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