Balloon Gift

What do you get someone for a special day...when you really don't know what to get them?  I saw this as an idea for a graduation gift on Pinterest.  I thought it would be great to give our six-year-old friend for her birthday.  It keeps the receiver entertained and gives us the opportunity to think of why she's so special to us.

You'll need a big box, tissue paper, balloons, cash and a print-out of things you like about the birthday girl (boy).

Lightly crumple the tissue paper and place in the box.

Cut apart each thing you like about the person.  We did this for we thought of 10 things we liked about her.  It is great for your kids to give input if you're giving the gift to their friend.  Cut paper into 10 strips.
Cut the strip to be about the same length as your bill.
Roll the bill with the paper on the inside.  You can paperclip them together if you like.
Place bill in balloon and blow up.
Fill box with balloons and wrap the box.  We did 10 balloons, each with one dollar bill.  You can do more or fewer balloons and/or more or less bill denomination.   That's the beauty.  Do all white balloons for a wedding or bridal shower.  Add helium.  Use pictures instead of comments.  The uses are endless...and fun.  The birthday girl got a long corsage pin taped to her birthday card.  She got to open the box and pop each balloon and read 10 of the things we think are special about her.  My kids loved it when Olivia read "their" entry.  So fun for all.
It takes a lot of paper to wrap that size of a box so we used scrapbook paper, painter's tape in green, and a huge bow from the dollar store.  Then my kids decorated the sides with pictures they colored with Sharpies.  Again, they loved to add their talent to the gift.  (I wouldn't mind getting one of these boxes myself!)



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  1. Jamieallred1 says:

    Olivia loved that you did this! You guys are so great!

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