Critter Spray

Do you have a garden?  Is it getting eaten alive by critters?
 I got my hands on a homemade critter spray that a good friend of mine uses on her beautiful garden.  It is easy to make, and you probably have the ingredients in your home as we speak.  Keep it in a spray bottle and drench your plants that need a little help (for me it's lettuce and peppers).  Good luck!  Please note:  it is important not to drench your plants in full sun.  I like to spray mine in the morning or evening.

Critter Spray

10 oz. rubbing alcohol
2 Tbs. dish detergent
Combine alcohol and dish detergent in a spray bottle.  Fill with water. Shake and spray on those pesky critters.




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  1. Leslie says:

    Rubbing alcohol is poisonous. You use it on your veggies? I use soap and water and it works well without the alcohol. Those critters (big and small) devoured half my garden this year before I started. Now if only I could find something for the bunnies, chipmunks, raccoons and birds!

    Leslie: spray water directly on their faces with a loud "NO!". It works well with my cats. Hehe just kidding ;)

    Oh! And thank you for sharing your formula. I'm about to try it right now! Except: I'm using vodka, in case rubbing alcohol is bad on edibles. Greetings!

    fafi says:

    any safer alternatives?

    Jodi says:

     Spray the leaves only.  Don't spray the fruit or the blooms.

    Kyraguen says:

    How about on flowers ie: petunias? Little green caterpillars had a hay day this year.

    Kcnh27 says:

    Does it work for Japanese beetles on roses?

    Dbiggins says:

    Next year try a mixture of good old flour mixed with cayenne pepper.  Dust on to plants that animals like.  The next time they nibble their mouth will burn!  This works well for me as I live in the country with all kinds of critters!

    Rosiebennight11 says:

    Try vinegar, and dish soap in a spray bottle. My father-in-law uses this in his garden and he says it works great.

    Sara_berger says:

    How big of a spray bottle are you using?

    AmberB says:

    Vinegar will kill vegetable plants. A mixture of vinegar and dish soap is what I use to kill weeds.

    Marcia L Hall says:

    I read on a chicken site that she has had really good  luck with VODKA.  It evaporates really quickly, like rubbing alcohol, but is non-toxic.  When cleaning the coop she uses vodka spray  that she previously had soaked with lavender.  I thought that sounded like a great idea.  I am new to this site ---- don't really understand how to "use" it.  
    Thanks for telling me how to get info on the photo!  :  -))

    Lynnsullivan1950 says:

    Vinegar is a weed KILLER.  You will kill your veggies.

    Laceylady says:

    Most of the following ideas are dangerous to yourselves and the plants, not to mention the good "bugs" and worms that help most of to stable and give good composting to our vegetables. Mother always told us not to use dish detergents on plants but rather soft soaps like naptha and water. Rhubarb leaf tea of course is a good alternative to real pests. Any thing thatyou can not breathe through, nither can plant leaves. They will surely die by plugging their "pores" If you need good advice, find blogs and forums from organic gardeners. They will be big to you.

    Contrary Mary says:

    Take a gallon jug of water and add lots of onion and garlic scraps chopped up and allow to sit until really rotten and smelly (a week or so) then spray on plants or pour around base of plants. Very effective on squash beetles.

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