Candy Bouquet

My kids were invited to a swimming party.  My kids love to swim. Swimming is as important to them as breathing.  They just finished their swim lessons and are excited to practice their skills.  We wanted to make a special gift for the birthday girl to thank her for the invite.  I love creating this gift because my kids get involved.

Get lots of different candy.  I got KitKats, Reeses Peanut butter cups, laffy taffy, blow pops, ring pops, Butterfingers, Twix and Orbit gum. 
I also found this cute little fan that I thought would look cute poking out of the top.
These flower suckers were found at our party store, Zurchers, which is one of my favorite stores, ever.
You'll need a Styrofoam brick.
And packing tape to stick the candy to the skewers.
Find a cute pail or bucket for the base.  If a shovel comes with it, stick it in with the candy too.
And finally, different sizes of skewers. 
Using a serrated knife, cut the Styrofoam brick to fit inside your pail. 
Like this.
It doesn't have to fit perfectly, just enough to get a good base.
Then, just start sticking the candy in the Styrofoam.  I like things to be symmetrical  so I try to even things out as I stick the candy in the bucket.  Trim off the ends of the skewers if you need them shorter.
Looking good.
Hmm.  I think I'm craving a Reeses. 
Here's the fan.  It makes the gift look fun and inviting (as if the chocolate didn't do that).
We also put her name in stickers on the bucket.  Livy.
Please note; since I didn't want to leave the project undone, I used green paper shreds to cover the top of the Styrofoam to finish it off. I simply used an extra skewer to poke the paper shreds between the skewers at the bottom.  Turned out darling don't you think?  I don't think I'd mind getting one of these myself...only I would need a Snickers in there somewhere. 




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