Melaleuca (mel-a-lu-ka)

I have to let you in on a little secret.  I have just discovered a company that makes the most amazing cleaning products.  The products are Ecosense cleaning products by Melaleuca.  What do I love about these products you ask?  Well, they use a biodegradable formula, they contain no harsh chemicals or abrasives (which means you don't need to hold your breath while you're cleaning).  They make my tile and granite sparkle - literally.  The scent is fresh and pleasing.  Oh, and they are concentrated formulas.  Which means with every bottle you buy, you can refill a spray bottle 3 or 4 times!  You measure out a small portion into a spray bottle and fill the rest with water.  Which makes them very economical!  Double whammy.  Oh, and that Renew bottle you see above?  It is the best, non-greasy lotion on the planet.  Perfect for my son's parched hands and my dry cuticles.  Love with a capital "L".
This is the one I use the most.  All-purpose cleaner.  I use it about 4 times a day on my granite.  Yummy smell.  Cuts grease like nobody's business.
This bottle had me at "no work".  It is a daily shower cleaner. Love.
Heavy-Duty cleaner.   No ammonia, phosphates, or chlorine.  Cleans floors, barbecues, ranges and basically anything else that's tough to clean.
This is what I clean my bathrooms with.  I put it in a foam spray bottle so when I spray it in my sink, or on my toilet, it is foamy.  Yummy smelling.
See the picture beneath the butterfly?  One concentrated bottle will give you 6 BOTTLES of cleaner.  (I feel like I just climbed on a float in a tree-hugger parade.  I'm totally on board with saving the world 5 empty plastic 409 bottles, but that's just me).
This is my real-life example.  Don't judge me.  This is my stove top.  Gross huh.
Spray, spray, spray some Tough and Tender.  Wipe off...
Sparkly once again.   
Oh, and speaking of Melaleuca...I love this little bottle of doTERRA.  I use it anytime I have an unsightly blemish or minor skin irritation.'s gone.

This is the end of my little rant.  I seriously love these products.  You will too.  I promise. Melaleuca has no idea who I am.  They didn't pay me to talk about their awesome products.  I paid for them myself.  
Please note, DO NOT give these products to anyone for Christmas for any reason.  They will think that you think their home is dirty.  That's no way to wish someone a Merry Christmas now, is it!




2 Response to "Melaleuca (mel-a-lu-ka)"

  1. Janette says:

    You should sell the stuff.  That's quite a pitch.... You got me.

    Audrac says:

    I sold these products for a while, but I couldn't make a go of it as a business, and couldn't afford the $60.00+ it was costing me every month. They are great products - my budget just can't support it. (And neither can any of my friends, apparently.)

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