Paisley Pugmire

Hey Everything to Entertain friends!  I'm back.  I took a little sabbatical to help my daughter work on something she's been passionate about for a while.  She loves children and holds a few one week day-camps for the kids in our neighborhood each year.  The day camps are based around a theme and the kids get to do crafts, activities and games centered around that theme.  The camps have become quite popular so Morgan thought she'd help other pre-teens/teens create camps in their neighborhoods by putting together camp kits.

The next thing you know, Morgan is working with Jesse, our neighbor and award winning graphic designer, getting her ideas in print.  She (we) has been writing, editing, finessing and creating these kits throughout the past several months and then Jesse brought her ideas to life.
Morgan's muse for the project is her beloved dog, Paisley P. Pugmire.  His is a sweet dog that likes to play with kids of all ages.  When Morgan had her first camp, the kids loved to take time to play with Paisley and show him some love. He became her pseudo camp mascot.
 After teaming up with Jesse, the above logo became the camp's identity.  The Paisley Pugmire Academy of Imagination was born.  I can't believe how Jesse captured in the above logo everything that Morgan dreamed of for her camp kits.  It was a lot of hard work but very fun and rewarding too.  Take a look at the website and see what you think:

Thanks Jesse for sharing your talents (seriously, should anyone be this talented)?




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