Apron In An Hour

Look what I made! I came across this blog and thought it might be false advertising. Really? An apron in an hour? We'll see about that! I went to my local fabric store and picked out some really cute fabric (fyi: cute fabric=cute apron). Then I came home and, get this, made an apron in an hour! I often like to host dinner or luncheons where I am still cooking when my guests arrive. I don't want them to see me in one of my well-worn aprons...I want to look put together so I thought this would work nicely. Plus, my sister's birthday is coming up (surprise Janette!) and I wanted to make her one. This is the perfect pattern if you are a little rusty on your sewing. Enjoy...you'll be surprised at how talented you are!

1 Hour Apron



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  1. Yaay! It's soo cute! Why no head shot? I haven't seen you forever!

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