St. Patrick's Day Table

I'm decorating for my St. Patrick's Day dinner party.  I need my table to look green.  I gathered things around my house that were green (all different shades which makes the table more interesting to look at).  Take a look at the finished table-scape. 

 Remember the green fabric I used on this table?  I'm using the same fabric over a white table cloth (my staple).  Then I used green plates and glassware that had a green tint.

 I got two green planters and filled them with two different green plants.  I used green napkin rings for the white cloth ribbon would work around the napkins too!

I collected my green tinted tea light holders and filled them with white candles. Then I sprinkled chocolate gold coins around the table.

I think it turned out well.  For dinner I'm serving pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, this salad, steamed broccoli and carrot medallions using these, jello, and delicious rainbow cake.  With the luck of the Irish the meal will be delicious.  




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