When I plan a party or get-together to honor someone, I love to personalize the occasion.  I think it makes the guest of honor feel like they are loved when a little extra time is put into the planning process. It is so easy to do and makes a big impact.  Here are a few ways I personalized some events I've thrown.

 I threw a surprise party for my friend Jenny and thought it would be funny to hold a picture of her face in front of ours when we yelled "surprise!"
After choosing a color scheme of orange, purple and green, I ordered personalized confetti from Photofetti
With Photofetti you upload images of the guest of honor and select a few accent colors to go with your party color scheme.  It makes it a little more personal don't you think?

On my son's birthday he was excited to bring treats to his classmates.  When I saw these picks I knew exactly what to do with them.

I printed off a cute picture (I used the contact sheet option in Photoshop to get multiple copies of the same photo), cut them into squares, and put them in the picks.  Then I stuck the picks into cupcakes (with his favorite color of frosting). 

For his pre-school Christmas party, my son took some home made play dough to give each of his friends for Christmas.  I just pulled up his picture on Photoshop and added a clipart of Santa's hat.    

Another great (and delicious) way to personalize your party or shindig is to order these personalized cookies or these custom M&M's.  Make or order a personalized cake by using these.  Most bakeries will personalize cookies and cakes if you have a photo of the guest of honor.  Cool huh!

Have fun planning your next party by personalizing it with images of the guest of honor.




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