Ritz Smores

It was evening.  I was sitting in my home with all of the windows open enjoying the beautiful weather.  Then I smelled something which I thought was a neighbor firing up their grill...was it charcoal?  A big steak being seared on the grill of a hot barbeque?  Or, maybe it was a group of friends roasting hot dogs and smores! Excited, (with my taste buds watering) I went to my door, opened it up and took a huge lung-filling smell.  I love barbeques and grilling...basically any kind of food cooking outside. Anyway, long story short, my lungs were filled with a putrid burned-smelling smoke.  I realized the farmers were burning grass in their fields nearby.  Choking and coughing for air, I shut the door and immediately went into my kitchen and made these Ritz Smores. They weren't grilled outside over an open fire but they were still mighty tasty.

It just takes three simple ingredients 

 Marshmallow Cream, Ritz Crackers and Nutella (the star of the show)
 Line up your Ritz Crackers,
 On one side put a dollop of marshmallow cream.
 On the other side, put a dollop of Nutella.
 Put the two sides together and you get...
 These beautiful Ritz Smores.  Coincidentally, my kids and their backyard full of friends 
loved them too.  You're welcome.



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  1. Janette says:

    Great idea!

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