Have you had a delicious Biscoff?  I first tried this crunchy little cookie on a flight from here to somewhere.  They don't look overly satisfying when you look at the package.  Let me tell you they are delicious.  Crunchy and sweet.  Perfect with herbal tea or cocoa or with milk.  I like mine straight up with nothing else.  Why ruin a good thing?  You can imagine my surprise when I tried this:

 My friend Lisa called me and said she had something that would knock my socks off.  She was right.  Biscoff Spread?!!!  My world has changed...for the better.  The sky is blue-er, smells are more fragrant, and everything tastes delicious.  Why?  Biscoff Spread. 
 Looks like peanut butter doesn't it?
 Let's spread a little on an apple...Divine.  (Nail polish is Cocktail Bling by Essie)
 Let me try it again.  Yep it's good.
 Now I'd better try it on a Biscoff cookie.  YUM.
Oops...I accidentally licked the knife...blush.




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