Thanksgiving...It's my favorite time of year.  I love when the leaves turn and they start falling from the trees.  My kids love to rake up the leaves and jump into them over and over.   They can spend all day playing with the leaves.  I love autumn colors and autumn foods like pumpkin and apple and turkey.  I love the chill outside and warming up with cocoa or herbal tea.  This holiday is a little warm up to the crazy business of Christmas.  I love to decorate my house for Thanksgiving.  Take a look...

 I love my ceramic turkey...I thought he looked great in my bookshelf with my owl and acorn.
 Isn't he cute?
 This is on my landing. 
 On my side table.  The berries at the bottom are really a wreath.  I just used an ivory candle and threw some leaves in to give it color.
 I got these guys at McFrugals....oops.. I mean Pick and Save...oops...I mean Big Lots a few years ago.
That store changes its name all the time!
 Marshall's this year.  It has a light in it. It's cool because it has a switch on and off.  I put it in my gives it a nice warm feel.
 Also in my kitchen by my sink.  This couple was a Tuesday Morning find...
don't you love that store?
 Another turkey...
 and another.  Do you sense a theme here?
 By my fireplace.
 In the entryway.
 Music room.
Laundry room.  
I hope we can all take a few minutes to think about our blessings this Thanksgiving...
Happy Turkey Day!




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