Protein Shake

Please tell me you've heard of this.   PB2.  I learned about it a few weeks ago from my hairdresser who is into all things healthy.  It is basically peanut butter without all of the fat!  I got mine at  I use it for my protein shakes that I have each evening.  This is how I make mine.
I gather my ingredients.  Whey protein powder,  PB2, Almond Breeze (I like vanilla flavored), a banana and a handful of clean strawberries.
This whey protein is my favorite. I like the chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream flavored.  I get mine at
I use a generous scoop of protein powder.  And add it to my trusty Blendtec.
Then I get my PB2 (it comes in chocolate too!)
I scoop out a generous tablespoon...and add it to my blender.
I'm making 3 cups, so I add 24 ounces of almond milk.  Any brand will do.  Add a banana and strawberries (don't take off the stems).  And a handful of ice cubes; blend well.
Seriously, so good.  And so healthy.  

FYI.  Cut up apples and sprinkle PB2 on them for a tasty afternoon snack.  You're welcome.




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  1. Tootie says:

     Yum! I will have to try this. I love smoothies - and peanut butter, too! I had never heard of PB2, but it looks like a great option.

    Jodi Jenson says:

     Tootie, you will love PB2 if you are a smoothie girl!

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