Pizza Night

Look at this beauty!  This summer has been so crazy-busy, I have been making very simple meals for dinner.  I think I've used the breakfast for dinner card a little too often.  So, to mix it up a little, I bought the ingredients to make individual pizzas.  It was an activity and dinner all rolled up in one big fun-filled night. 
I bought this dough.  It comes in traditional white and whole wheat.  It is pre-made in the deli section at Winco.  (I love that store)
I bought the pizza sauce at Winco too.  I like the flavor.
My kids all rolled out their own pizza...who said a pizza must be round?
This is my attempt.  I just used fresh mozzarella cheese and  basil from my garden.  I could just kick myself that I didn't add artichoke hearts.  It would have been extra nice.
My kids like Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, pineapple, and lots of cheese.
Andrew's work of art.
Three going in the oven.
This pizza will make someone very happy.
We had extra dough so we made bread sticks.  Butter, garlic salt, mozzarella and parsley on one side, and butter and cinnamon sugar on the other.  We let them rise a little as the pizzas were cooking.  Then we cooked them and dunked the cheese bread sticks in the extra pizza sauce and the sugar side in home made cream cheese icing.  Oh ya.
Looks good enough to eat.
 Delicious.  When you don't have a lot of time...let everyone make their own meal.  Lots of fun for everyone!  Bon appetit!




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