Other Tricks and Treats

 Can she build it?  Yes she can!  I saw this idea online and thought it was a great idea!  I went to Lowe's, picked up a 4x6 piece of wood, 1/2 inch drill bit and two 1/2 inch dowels and sandpaper.  (Just ask the nice guys at Lowe's if you have no idea what I'm talking about *wink*).  This project literally took about an hour from beginning to end.  Cut your board to size (mine is about 22 inches long). I cut two dowels to 13.5 inches and two to 10.5 inches.  Since I had a party of 16, I wanted a doughnut stand with 4 dowels.  Drill holes every 4.5-5 inches.  Make sure you don't drill all the way through your 4x6.  Sand the board and the dowels.  Dust off the wood shavings and wipe down with a damp cloth.  Insert dowels into holes and wa-la!  So cute huh.  I'm partial to the natural wood look.  You could also decorate the side with washi tape or stickers, ribbon or paint.   One board will make 3-4 doughnut stands.  You need one dowel per doughnut stand.  Get busy and have fun!

I have a few more ideas for Halloween.  I know it's over.  Please refer to this post.  Just file this idea away for next year okay?  I loved this idea...the kids did too.  It is a clear cello bag filled with white cotton candy (apple flavored) and a plastic spider (they used to be rings, I just cut the ring part off).  Fill the bag half-way with cotton candy, place the spider on his "web" and seal with a cute ribbon.  Easy and way cool.
 You'll thank me for this idea.  So easy to do for any event.  Take a Styrofoam cone, spray paint it your desired color, wrap and pin ribbon around the cone at about 3 inch intervals.  Hot glue cone to a Melamie plate or dish and load with candy.  Then fill the cone with suckers of any size, shape or color.  You could carry the idea a little further and affix a wooden dowel to any candy with a piece of tape and poke them into the Styrofoam cone too.  The ideas are endless!
 My last idea for a great little Halloween treat are these chocolate  bones.  I melted candy melts in the microwave, put the melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle and filled...
this skeleton candy mold.  I used white candy melts.  Set aside until chocolate is set.  Pop out pieces and fill black and orange baking cups.  Eerily delicious.  Now you can't wait for Halloween 2013 can you?!  Your Halloween party is already planned. You're welcome.



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  1. Janette says:

    Thanks!  It's already filed and in the books for next year!

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