Halloween Party

It's that time again.  The second year my friend and her husband have hired me to throw a Halloween Customer Appreciation party for their company.  It is a blast to do and they are so, so fun to work with.  They hang black visqueen on all of the walls in their warehouse so it is the perfect canvas for a "thrilling" night.  This year we are working on a few fun additions.  A mechanical bull, DJ, drawings for amazing prizes, dinner, treat bar, and a little football. Take a look at the blast we had.

My Family.  This year we went as a little of everything.  A burglar, rock star, scarecrow, shadow and a mummy.  Let the fun begin.

 A party is not a party without a delicious treat bar.
 My son taking his turn on the bull.  Loved seeing the smiles on everyone's face.  
   My daughter the (darling) scarecrow.
 Drew and his zombie friend.
 "Mr. Hurley" arriving at his party.
 Watching the BYU, BSU football game.
 Eating yummy food.
 A wide variety of costumes.
  Face painting for the kids.
 Mechanical bull riding for the young at heart.
 Great conversation.
 Lots of dancing.
 Our great DJ kept the par-tay moving. 
 The fun employees at RotoRooter.

 Everyone got finger lights to keep the dancing fun.
It was a great night.  Can't wait until next year!




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