Spider Webs

Take a look at these "edible" spider webs.  So fun to give kids on Halloween and even 
easier to make!

 You'll need a few supplies. 1.  White cotton candy. I ordered Fluffy Stuff by Charms.  I found it at this website.  I've also seen it at a few grocery stores around the valley.  If you order it online, I have one word of warning. Make sure you order the Spider Web cotton candy.  Otherwise, you'll end up with a box of regular pink and blue cotton candy, and a box of Spider Web cotton candy.  Oops *blush*.  I also say this cotton candy is "edible" because the flavor is sour apple and it is WAY sour!  It literally brings tears to your eyes.  
 2.  Plastic spiders and cellophane bags.   You can use clip-on spiders like I did, or use spider rings.  One pkg. of cotton candy will use about 24 spiders/bags.
3.  Kitchen twine or Halloween ribbon.  Take a pinch of the cotton candy, place it in your bag and gently nestle the plastic spider in the cotton candy.  Tie bag with a Halloween tie.
 Wa-la!  Seriously, your kids will think they are so cool if they can eat the cotton candy without pause.  Plus it's cute in a Martha Stewart-y kind of way (bonus).




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