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I just read that Princess Diana took a stack of royal Thank You notes wherever she went. She wrote thank you letters to everyone from waiters and servers to security guards and drivers to CEOs and presidents. She was perhaps one of the most punctual thank you note writers ever. She was known for sending thank you notes for the smallest deed and doing it nearly immediately. I love getting letters of thanks in the mail. In fact my son just got a thank you note from my husband's boss for writing him a thank you note. He told my son that writing thank you notes was a great habit to get into and that he really appreciated it. I love writing notes and corresponding with people the old-fashioned sending a note in the mail. I have a long way to go before I am as polished as Lady Di but I'm working on it. When you have fun stationary and return address stamps it makes writing notes a little more fun. Check these out.

I love these note cards. My friend gave them to my for my birthday. You can personalize them for a birthday, thank you, congratulations or with your initial.
My friends also gave me this self-inking stamp. This one has my name and a picture of a pineapple (which I love). I use it to stamp my books and DVDs when I loan them out or if I want to personalize anything. I loved this stamp so much I bought one for some friends who graciously invited me to stay a week with them in Hawaii (I ordered theirs with their address and palm trees). I also got one with my address to stamp my return address when I send makes it a little more personal don't you think?




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