Are you a beginner when it comes to sewing?  Are straight seams your M.O.?  I have a great pillowcase pattern that will make any beginner feel like a winner.  Plus, you can customize this pattern to your own decorating taste.  The pattern I used is from here.  It's the same blog I got the pattern for this apron.  It is really easy to make and takes about 30 minutes.  The hardest part is choosing the fabric to use.  I am so excited to make my kid's pillowcases for Halloween.  They will have them on their beds throughout October, then on Halloween they will use them for their trick-or-treat bag.  Cool idea huh.

 We made this for my daughters friend who is moving. We wanted the pillowcase to be white so my daughter and her friends could write a message to their friend. Now she can read their messages each night and think of her friends back home who love her.  Great for a high school grad who's going off to college don't you think?
 We bought coordinating fabric pens.
 And invited lots of friends over.
And they wrote a little message to their friend. 




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  1. Jennster says:

    Love it!! especially the Halloween ones!!

    Janette says:

    Loooove it.

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