Academy Awards 2012

I love the Oscars.  I don't know why, but I do.  Billy Crystal is the best host, hands down.  He hasn't hosted for about eight years.  I am eagerly awaiting his return.   I also love the gowns and the formality of it all.  I'm especially excited because I've seen most of the movies that have been nominated for best picture including: The Help (loved), Hugo (great film), Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen; what can I say), Moneyball (great Pitt film), War Horse (fantastic), and part of The Tree of Life (couldn't figure it out).

So, to honor the Oscars, how about inviting some friends over for a party.  Then, serve food to honor a few of the nominated films.  A few examples are as follows:
Hot dogs for the main dish to pay tribute to Moneyball.  Billy beans would be great too.
In honor of The Descendants, serve Hawaiian Punch...or, if you're not a big hot dog fan,  Hawaiian Haystacks would be great too.
For Midnight in Paris, Macaroons are great.  Bread and cheese would be fitting here as well.
For the Tree of Life, serve broccoli (tree) salad.  
For The Artist serve Black and White cookies...really anything black and white will qualify.
To celebrate The Help, you must make Minnie's Chocolate Pie

And, if you are really competitive, this is a great website to get a Oscar Ballot for your friends to fill out before the program begins.  During the pre-show, it's fun to hold up number cards to rate all of the gowns as the actresses walk down the red carpet. 
Enjoy your night!



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  1. Janette says:

    Wish I could come to your house.  I'll be attending a FF instead!

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