My friend Erin and her sister Ashli and my sister Janette and I all flew to Scottsdale, AZ in February.  As we dined by the pool we exchanged recipes and pondered how the Marriott makes such great guacamole.  We discovered that each of us likes to cook and more particularly bake when we have a spare minute.  Fast forward to last week.  Erin came to visit me.  She brought me her family's newly-completed cookbook.  Included are the tried and true recipes her family loves.  One of the recipes is this delicious Mud Pie.  Coincidentally it is the dessert we made when all of us were at college for a girl's choice dance.  The sad thing is, the mud pie was much more memorable than my date.   Another favorite  is Lil' Cheddars.  Erin made these for my husband and I when we flew to Boise from Dallas to look for a home.  This Spinach Salad with Honey Paprika Dressing is to die for. Whenever I have a ripe pear I have to make it...and the dressing is delicious.  Every recipe that Erin has given me has been a home run to my family.  She just gave me a copy of her cookbook.  I don't think she knows what that meant to me...especially because I can easily read a cookbook like a novel; from cover to cover just thinking and preparing what I'm going to make next.  So to Erin, Ashli, and the whole Davis clan, thank you for sharing. 



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  1. JT says:

    Where do I sign up?  I can't believe you got one before me!

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