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Hey all.  It is 2012 and not a bad start to a new year.  My family and I are getting ready for a Disney Cruise in exactly 4 days.  My brother and his wife just adopted a beautiful baby girl and we got a little snow today.  Things are looking great.  To start off the new year and especially my New Year's Resolutions, I thought I'd re-cap the top 10 posts from Everything to Entertain.  Some of the posts are my favorites, and some...well, I'm not sure why they made the top 10 but here goes.

# 10 most visited post is the baby shower post. I'm glad this made the top 10 because a lot of time and energy went into this, it was tons of fun to do.

#9 Skillet Cookie and give-away This was my first give-away and a well-viewed post.  I love skillet cookies and I'm pretty confident my daughter and I could put a cookie skillet away in one sitting. De-lish.
# 8 Decorating with apothecary jars.  I decorate with apothecary jars for almost every holiday. Green jellybeans and gold coins for St. Patty's day, candy canes, Lindt Balls and gum drops for Christmas, red hots and conversation hearts for Valentine's get the picture.  Just change your bows and set them on a pretty tray so they make a statement. 
#7 Edible Bird's Nest.  These are way cool and easy to make.  The kids love them because "you can eat the whole nest!"
#6 The Royal Wedding.  I loved watching the Royal Wedding on TV.  I searched online for something that would be served at a proper English tea.  I found these and LOVED them.  Plus, they are easy to pop in your mouth and wash down with a spot of tea.
#5 Taco Sliders.  I made these when we were watching a Boise State game (go Broncos).  Easy and portable.  Who wouldn't love a taco slider?!
#4 Ham and Bean Soup.  I love making this soup.  It is easy to make and a great way to get rid of your extra holiday ham.  Plus, It is a delicious comfort food.  The one exception is that my son will not touch bean soup if his life depended on it!
#3 Superbowl Snacks, aka Butt Putty.  I made this for the Superbowl.  My friend gave me this recipe and I loved it.  There is a huge caveat with this recipe...Butt Putty is addicting.  Crunchy and sweet and nutty...the bowl is empty before you know it.  My recommendation is to make this for a large group.
#2 Superbowl Snacks part 2, aka Bacon Swiss Dip and Sweet and Sour Meatballs.  I have made these two appetizers for years.  They are always a big hit.  The Bacon Swiss dip is delicious on corn chips or toasted baguette slice.  The meatballs are delicious infused with a sweet and sour sauce. 
 #1 Sugar Cookie Bars.  This had five times more visits than any other post.  I know why.  These cookies are delicious. I make them often for events and I always get a request for the recipe.  One thing I love about them is the delicious orange zest you put in the batter...oh, and the cream cheese frosting.  My kids sold them at their Lemonade Sale and they were the first cookies gone! If you haven't made them yet, make them today.
Thanks for visiting my list of top 10 posts of 2011.  Next up are my 10 top might be surprised what I pick.  See you soon.




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